Accelerating Revenues from New and Existing Products and Services


Neil Baron is an internationally recognized authority on selling and marketing innovative products, services and solutions.   He has served in a variety of senior marketing and management roles at companies such as IBM,  Digital Equipment Corporation, Sybase, Art Technology Group, Brooks Automation and ATMI.   

Some examples of his impact:

• Turned around a declining software support organization and grew revenues from $30M to $45M in just 2 years at Brooks Automation.
•  Led an innovative voice of the customer effort which contributed to Brooks Automation's turnaround from $100M in losses in 2003 to record profits in 2006.  
•  Launched a new solutions initiative at Sybase which drove services growth from $100M to $250M.  
• Launched a new groundbreaking chemical cleaning agent and generated immediate sales from Intel, TSMC, Samsung, TI and other leading semiconductor companies.  
•  Built a $1M pipeline in the public sector for Millennial Net's new wireless energy management system in less than 5 months.   

In 2008, Neil earned an R&D 100 award (which the Chicago Tribune calls the Oscars of Innovation) for his work commercializing a disruptive technology at ATMI.    

In 2010, Neil shared his knowledge with the fellows at MIT's Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship as a guest lecturer and served as an expert adviser to Harvard's Commercializing Science program.

In addition, to his work at MIT, Neil has lectured at Babson College and The Ohio State University. 

His insights on public speaking, presenting business plans and  understanding customer needs have been published in the best selling series, Successful Presentations for Dummies and Presentations for Dummies as well as the San Jose Mercury News, Mass High Tech and other publications.

His combination of an MS in Chemical Engineering from Tufts and an MBA from Harvard Business School enables him to quickly understand a variety of technologies and apply a disciplined approach to marketing. 

Outside of work, Neil enjoys competitive tennis and coaching youth sports.