Accelerating Revenues from New and Existing Products and Services
Revenue Roadblock Identification
We will work with you to highlight potential impediments to achieving your revenue goals.   There can be a variety of reasons for a revenue shortfall.   During this process we will examine the following:

  • Sales training and tools
  • Alignment with customer buying process
  • Target market selection
  • Pricing
  • Service organization readiness and capability
  • and many other potential revenue roadblocks

Value Proposition Workshop

Through a variety of techniques such as spending a day in the life of your customer, the participants develop the components of a unique and compelling value proposition for proposed, new or older products and services.  A key benefit is that your organization will have a consistent framework upon which to build effective value propositions.  This workshop will teach your team how to:

• Define Value Propositions
• Understand the Value Proposition creation process
• Practice using the process
•Develop Value Propositions for key roducts   

Strategic Market Development
We can assume responsibility for entering a new market and can provide the following services:

• Identify the early users/early adopters
• Develop messages that resonate with targeted buyers and decision influencers
• Drive the reference program
• Generate qualified leads
• Qualify opportunities  
• Build a pipeline.

Launch Readiness Assessment

Our clients value our review of their go to market strategies and tactics.  The final report will identify areas to improve and provide recommendations to increase your odds of a successful launch.

Specifically the assessment will cover:  
•Launch strategy and goal alignment
•Likelihood that the beta program will accelerate new sales      
• Uniqueness and strength of your value proposition
• Readiness of your sales channel
• Willingness of key early adopters on board to support the launch
• Plus other topics germane to your specific launch.
Launch Advisory Service

will coach your team as you move through the launch process.   We will customize this service based on the skill levels of your launch team and the importance of the launch to your business.  
The advisory service includes
• Regularly scheduled meetings with the launch team
• Availability via email and phone
• Our participation in internal meetings or on customer calls  
Launch Training Service

We will educate your team on how to orchestrate a successful launch.  Though extensive use of case studies this program will cover the pillars of a successful launch.

• Understand customer needs

• Gather evidence through beta program
• Create unique and compelling value propositions
• Empower the sales channel with the right training and tools                
•Orchestrate the launch in partnership with the early users

Implementation Services

We will support your launch goals by working side by side with your team to execute the launch plan.   We can provide the following services:

• Manage the beta program
• Develop the value proposition
• Build a reference program
• Develop sales tools
• Train the sales organization
Reenergize existing product or service
Often, older and successful products suddenly face a change in market dynamics.   Sources of competitive advantage are rendered obsolete.  A new competitor emerges, a merger or acquisition occurs or the competition ramps their marketing efforts.   We have a proven track record of revitalizing older offerings.  

We can help you:

• Identify customer needs
• Qualify the new competitive threat
• Redefine the value proposition to effectively adjust to changing market dynamics  
• Retrain the sales channel